How we work together


1: Free Consultation

Together we determine your eligibility and explain all aspects of the application process.


2: Documentation List

A personalised list of required documents is created based on your circumstances.


3: Document RESEARCH & Recovery

Documents you don’t have will be researched and obtained in Poland and/or former Polish territories.


4: Citizenship Application

With your assistance and your signature, the application forms with all required documents for Polish citizenship confirmation are filled out for lodgement with the relevant Provincial Governor in Poland.



5: Lodgement

Once Polish citizenship is confirmed, all other relevant documents are lodged in Registry Offices in Poland.


6: Passport Application

Upon receipt of all relevant Polish documents, I can assist you in your application for your Polish passport at your closest Polish Consulate.

There are three pathways to Polish citizenship.

In order to obtain a Polish European Passport you need to prove Polish citizenship. You may have acquired it by birth or descent or you may be eligible to apply for it on the basis of Polish ancestry